You’re my best friend ’cause you’re the best friend. (Also, ’cause you pay me $8-12B a year)

And in a call with reporters, company (Google) representatives cited comments by Apple executives suggesting that they set Google as the default on Safari because it’s the best search engine.

Google pays to be the default search engine, to the tune of an estimated $8 billion to $12 billion annually—which the complaint notes is about 15 to 20 percent of Apple’s net income.

The Pitfall of Partisanship

When we turn against something at its mere mention or endorsement by someone we hate or mistrust, aren’t we giving them the power to control our thoughts and actions all the same?

Seek out sources from both your side of the ideological spectrum, and the other side far in the hazy distance. But then make sure to take a little time to think for yourself before forming your opinion.

The quiet power of passive growth

I see a common thread between planting a garden and setting up a high-interest bank or broker account. With both actions, you are exerting some initial effort in the present that allows you to sit back and realize the ongoing benefits of external factors now harnessed. Sunlight and rain will conspire to bring you fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Interest, stock appreciation, and dividends will grow your account balance as you eat, sleep, and work.   Long after you go back to your regular routine, that thing you set into motion will pay dividends, be they vegetal or monetary.

It brings me pleasure and satisfaction to think about these things that passively grow in the background of my life.